This basically mean no intermediaries, the investment is made directly by the person of interest.

It is for a season, the tenure is always stated.

This is not the norm and will be judged on a case by case basis. The reason is that the investment amount will vary from season to season. The company’s preference is to pay both the investment capital and profit back to the investor at the end of the tenure. Then the investor can re-invest
when the new window opens.

“Yield per Hectare” is uniform. So for example if the Yield per Hectare is quoted at 3MT, then three different persons who invested in 10, 50 and 100 hectares respectively should expect 30MT, 150MT and 300MT respectively.

Farm Gate Price means the price bought from the farmers. In this instance, you (the investor) are the farmer.

As a company, our profit is made in the difference between market price (Open Market) and the farm gate price.

Yes it is. This is covered by insurance provided by NAIC (Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Company).