Why Invest With Us

Why Invest With Us

The Executive Management Team has a collective experience of 120 years of strategic, business, risk, cost, operations, financial and supply chain management across various industry sectors.


We have delivered returns to our investors on our first farming cycle – 2017 rainy season (Groundnuts) and currently have private investors on our 2018 dry season farming (Wheat and Cowpeas). We have hands on experience as within our first year we have cultivated 1,600 hectares of land.


At MADAKI, we are focused in driving operational excellence and efficiency throughout our organization. One of our primary mantra is on effective resource management and best agronomy practices to ensure the quality, standardization and yield maximization of the crops.

Mr. Akubo Adegbe
Managing Director
Crop quality, standardization and yield maximization is one of our primary focus for achieving profitability
Dr. Muyi Aina
Applying science, engineering and sound management practices is the cornerstone to MADAKI’s success