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We are a team of professional technology solution providers with a passion for building for the next billion users and empowering a new generation of thinkers and innovators.

We are always focus on using technology as a tool for change and improvement. We believe in adding values to lives around us as well as ourselves. Even in our craft, we tend to offer the best of ourselves at that moment to ensure a seamless transition from ideas to product-ready.


Our training academy is primarily setup to train, empower and equip digital and tech innovators who wants to use technology to solve problems for business needs.


We use, teach and talk technology. For us, it is all about innovation and growth. We believe in applying the right tool and technique in bringing out the best fit for any given challenge.


Everything we do is geared towards creating the right product for user needs. That is how we approach every training session - A project-based training approach.

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